RaGEZONE Advertisement Slots

Section Advertisement Slots

Section Price Description
Gunz Servers$20.00MMORPG server advisement section.
Habbo DEV$50.00MMORPG development section.
Habbo Retros$40.00MMORPG server advisement section.
Merchant Zone$25.00Our MMO and general item sale section.
MMORPG Extra$50.00General help and release section for unlisted games.
Private Servers$50.00The root section only, does not include sub forums.
Gunz DEV17/11/2018 MMORPG development section.
Mu Online Ads27/10/2018MMORPG server advisement section.
Mu Online DEV05/11/2018 MMORPG development section.

Global Advertisement Slots

Size Price Description
468x60 Footer$50.00Your banner in the footer of all RaGEZONE content.
468x60 Header08/11/2018 Currently unavailable for purchase.
728x90 Global14/11/2018 Currently unavailable for purchase.